Black Inventors Matter

23rd Anniversary Tour


Black Inventors Matter

23rd Anniversary Tour


    About Us

    The Black Inventors Museum is a  multimedia presentation  a tribute to the unsung heroes, Black inventors and innovators from around the world. The museum reveals many surprising facts, and highlights the accomplishments of Blacks in the fields of science,aerospace communication, health care, agriculture, transportation and engineering. Over 150 authentic artifacts are represented in the collection and include: Patent designs, personal letters, rare photographs and brief biographies of Black American inventors.  Also featured are motivational placards and video documentaries.

    The New York City based museum was founded 23 years ago in western Massachusetts.  After years of presenting in New England we went national, appearing at various venues throughout North America.  Some of the locales include cultural expos, professional conventions and educational conferences.  Learning institutions and community organizations are among the most significant places showcased. The last 8 years the exhibit has been touring internationally.

    The Mission

    Is to develop racial pride, promote racial understanding, and provide a new motivation for learning. 

    To collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret cultural materials which illustrate the achievements and history of African Americans and Africans in the world.

    Black Inventors Museum goal is to bring these significant contributors out of the shadows and towards receiving the recognition they truly deserve. It is vital and essential that our exhibits travel to places where this information wouldn't normally be shared or taught. The Black Inventors Museum graciously compliments all science and American history, Black History curricula, while promoting positive images and self-esteem in those who seek to learn about the discoveries and challenges of these great Black men and women inventors.

    Our Vision

    Whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve, our goal is to continue to find ways to inspire and motivate young people to believe in and achieve their dreams. We recognize and understand that racism has culturally deprived our youth. We also know that once our youth know better ultimately they would do better.  By us highlighting achievements in history that are not normally taught in school is the key to their success. Utilizing examples of ordinary people making extraordinary contributions to the world gives young people the inspiration that is needed. We believe young people need role models that they can identify with so they can see themselves in the big picture and can contribute to it. And Black Inventors and scientists are an excellent example. 



    The Black Inventors Museum is proud to announce its 23rd annual  Colllege tour themed “Black Inventors Matters”.  This multimedia presentation is a tribute to the unsung heroes, Black inventors and innovators internationally.  Our exhibit will travel to over 100 cities throughout the United States and abroad to Canada, the Caribbean, Africa and the United Kingdom.

    Many of the things people use daily are the brainchild of a Black inventor.  The golf tee, automatic traffic light, cellular phone and dustpan all were created by Blacks.  The mail box, pencil sharpener, super Soaker water gun (that gross over $1 billion dollars) and the world’s fastest computer-peaking at 3.1 billion calculations per second-were created by the minds and hands of Black inventors.

    Learn More

    Over 150 authentic artifacts are represented in the collection  which includes: Patent designs, personal letters, rare photographs,  brief biographies  also featured are motivational placards and video documentaries.  To find out how your school or university can book the Traveling Exhibit click below 

    Dates are going fast

    From Educators

    Leonard C. Alkins, NAACP President, Boston Branch

    This is an excellent display. People of all ages and color can benefit from visiting this display! Thank you!


    LaVerne Westbrook, School-to-Work Coordinator Public Schools of Springfield

    The students and teachers really enjoyed the exhibit, as it was very informative and educational for everyone. The teachers are still talking about the exhibit and the children continue to share the things that they remember from the exhibit. I highly recommend this enlightening exhibit.

    Mary Kay Brown, School-to-career teacher

    I thought the video and exhibit was outstanding. As the school-to-career teacher. I can see the spin-off into career education; what a wonderful way to show children how an idea coupled with enthusiasm and desire can turn into a life’s quest, a career!!   

    Dr. Cheryl Johnson, Mt. Holyoke College

    The exhibit promotes positive images and self- esteem in both children and adults.     

    Rev. Ben J. Dowdell

    This Exhibit is awesome! Thank you for allowing God to use you. Obedience is better than sacrifice

    Mrs. Velma Brown, Teacher Rebecca Johnson School

    This was a fabulous presentation. I feel that all middle schools and high schools should be exposed to this exhibit.      

    Students Testimonies

    Anilsa Numez, SUNY, Albany

    Very informative. This is the type of stuff that should be taught in schools about African Americans besides slavery and Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Peter Koinange, Boston University

    As a young, Black Male, This Exhibition has given me a reason to hold-my head higher than ever!!!

    Derek Westbrook, SUNY, College of Oneonta

    The exhibit was great! The visual aspects and patent numbers really bring the point home. I also appreciate the comprehensive nature of the exhibit. I haven’t seen anything like this before!  

    Bryant College, RI

    This is amazingly great….. Wow! We definitely need more things like this on campus. 

    College of Staten Island, NY

    Absolutely profound!

    Florida State University

    The Black inventors Exhibit was presented professionally and there was a lot of information about Black inventors and their inventions. African American inventors have contributed alot to the world.

    Colleges and Universities visited

    Past Sponsors and Contributors

    National Society of Black Engineers

    National Council of Negro Women


    General Motors

    United States Postal Service

    Indiana Black Expo

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